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Symposium #6

Moving Beyond the Laboratory: Using Novel Sensor Technologies to Assess Individuals with CAI

Symposium Chair: Alexandria Remus

Background & Relevance: Quantified evaluation of biomechanics and physiological performance has been a mainstay of research into the causes, features and determinants of outcomes in CAI for a number of years. However, the vast majority of this research effort has been rooted in a laboratory environment. In the laboratory setting, we are not capturing a representative sample of typical movement behaviours due to environmental and observational constraints, in addition to the fact that people generally don’t get injured in the laboratory.

We now have access to a range of wearable sensor technologies that can capture objective and reliable data on measures of micro and macro level behaviours and motor performance. Furthermore, the availability of mobile computing platforms means we can aggregate very large multi-modal data sets from the real world environment. Of course, these same technologies can also be used to drive remedial interventions aimed at addressing the deficits associated with CAI. The use of this technology opens up a whole new world of opportunity for the understanding of and development of more robust preventative and treatment methods of CAI. It has the potential to revolutionize the biomechanical and performance evaluation of CAI populations so that clinicians would now have access to representative data to guide interventions for optimised care.

In this symposium we will provide an overview of this technology opportunity and will showcase work from leading research groups who are leveraging wearable and mobile platforms to bring CAI research into a new paradigm.

Speaker 1: Brian Caulfield

Presentation title: An overview of wearable technologies and their potential

Speaker 2: Aliaa Rehan Youssef

Presentation title: Is a smartphone application a valid and reliable tool to assess balance in patients with CAI?

Speaker 3: Alexandria Remus

Presentation title: Wearable sensors to assess change of direction during agility tests in athletes with CAI

Speaker 4: Alexandra DeJong

Presentation title: Wearable sensors for distance running analyses: a framework for evaluating lower leg pathologies