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Symposium #4

The Ankle of an Elite Athlete

Symposium Chair: Vincent Gouttebarge

Background & Relevance: Ankle injuries account for 10-15% of all injuries in professional football. Especially ankle sprains are common, being often recurrent as the consequence of the cumulative exposure to running, cutting and jumping as well as contact with other players. Therefore, the treatment of ankle injuries (including surgery) should be optimal in order to secure an optimal return-to-play process, while attention to prevention should be given in order to reduce recurrence. This should favour the sustainability of players’ career and prevent long-term consequences.

Speaker 1: Gino Kerkhoffs

Presentation title: There is no simple ankle sprain in football!

Speaker 2: Evert Verhagen

Presentation title: How can we prevent recurrent ankle sprains?

Speaker 3: Hans Zwerver

Presentation title: The ankle sprain and beyond: a soft (t)issue?

Speaker 4: Vincent Gouttebarge

Presentation title: Long-term consequences of severe ankle injuries and related surgeries

Speaker 5: Elite athlete

Presentation title: My experience with ankle injuries