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Symposium #2

New Ideas for Preventing Sport Related Ankle Inversion Sprains

Symposium Chair: Daniel Fong

Background & Relevance: Ankle sprain is very common in sports. Multiple ankle sprains may lead to chronicankleinstability,therefore,besidesworkingonthetreatmentandrehabilitationmodalitiesafterankle spraininjury,itisalsoworthtoworkoninjurypreventiontopreventtheoccurrenceofanklespraininjury.

Injury prevention strategies can be classified into warm-up exercise, prophylactic devices, exercise intervention, proprioception training, and change of game rules. In this symposium, the speakers will present some new ideas to prevent ankle sprain injury by reducing floor friction, neuromuscular training, improving peroneal musclere action time, as well as training pre-landing muscle contraction.

Speaker 1: Filip Lysdal

Presentation title: The role of lateral shoe-surface friction for the prevention of ankle sprain injuries

Speaker 2: Andrew Mitchell

Presentation title: The numbers speak fro themselves: Using biomechanical data to inform effective ankle sprain prevention and rehabilitation programmes

Speaker 3: Peter Thain

Presentation title: The effects of cryotherapy on muscle reaction time to a simulated lateral ankle sprain mechanism

Speaker 4: Aliaa Rehan Youssef

Presentation title: Smarting-up your ankle: the design for a preventive ankle sprain orthotic

Speaker 5: Daniel Fong

Presentation title: A wearable device to enhance quick or pre-landing peroneal contraction to prevent ankle sprains