Symposium #1

Gain a Footing for Patients with Chronic Ankle Instability

Symposium Chair: Matthew Hoch

Background&Relevance:People with chronic ankle instability exhibit sensorimotor dysfunction across a broad spectrum of tasks ranging from standing balance to athletic maneuvers. The widespread nature of sensorimotor deficits suggests there may be underlying impairments which compromise the ability to maintain a base of support associated with this condition. There is mounting evidence that individuals with chronic ankle instability exhibit alterations in somatosensation, motor control, and mobility of the foot. Specifically, people with chronic ankle instability have demonstrated decreased plantar cutaneous sensation, atrophy and decreased activation of the intrinsic foot muscles, increased rearfoot internal rotation, forefoot on rear foot eversion, and first metatarsal plantar flexion. These impairments in foot function may affect local foot and ankle stability, gait and posture, and force attenuation during high energy activities such as running and landing. Examining deficits in foot function through the concept of the foot core with the associated active, passive, and neural subsystems may provide a theoretical basis to direct evaluation and treatment strategies. Interventions including plantar massage and intrinsic foot muscle activation exercises have emergedasevidence-basedtreatmentswhichtargetspecificdeficitswithinthefoot.Theseinterventionshave demonstrated the ability to improve postural control and self-reported function. Therefore, foot focused interventions may compliment the current rehabilitation paradigm for treating patients with chronic ankle instability and further enhance patient outcomes. This symposium will present the foot core as a theoretical approach to examine foot function, highlight specific deficits in foot function associated with chronic ankle instability, and introduce clinical intervention techniques to improve footfunction.

Speaker 1: Patrick McKeon

Presentation title: The Foot Core: Implications for Patients with Chronic Ankle Instability

Speaker 2: Matthew Hoch

Presentation title: Sensorimotor Deficits of the Foot Associated with Chronic Ankle Instability

Speaker 3: John Fraser

Presentation title: Alterations in Foot Mobility and Biomechanics Associated with Chronic Ankle Instability

Speaker 4: Kathryn Webster

Presentation title: Clinical Strategies for Addressing Foot Core Impairments

Speaker 5: François Fourchet

Presentation title: Advanced Strategies for Activating the Intrinsic Foot Muscles